Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today's WTF Moment: Don't Touch Medicare Say GOP Voters

Government spends too much. We have to cut, cut cut! Well, what do we cut?
From Steve Benen:
...a new Marist poll out today... asked respondents:
"Do you support or oppose doing each of the following to deal with the federal budget deficit: cut Medicare and Medicaid?"
Among all registered voters, 80% opposed these cuts. Among self-identified Tea Party supporters, 70% opposed these cuts. Among self-identified Republicans, 73% opposed these cuts.
80% of registered voters and even 70% of self-proclaimed Tea Partiers who think the government spends too much oppose cuts in those socialist health care programs! So, to whom then, are GOP politicians catering? Who are they representing? Someone had better tell Paul Ryan to keep his government hands off Medicare.

And yes, you can say all you want that under the Ryan plan Medicare won't be touched for those 55 and older, but does that really matter? What about people who are 54½? Or 53? Provided they've worked steadily since college (or high school), they've paid into Medicare for over 30 years with the promise that it would be there in their retirement. These people who wouldn't qualify due to some arbitrary pencil pusher's number will still continue to pay into Medicare for a minimum of another 10 years until they retire. Do they not count?

Well, I would hope that this poll will be shouted from the rooftops by every Democrat in office to show the absurdity of the Ryan proposal and what it will do to the social safety net that has been promised to the American people by its government.

Speaker John Boehner made it a quick talking point after the 2010 election that they were sent to DC "to do the people's work." Now that they see that 80% of "the people" and ¾ of "his people" don't want their Medicare cut, will he be so quick to scrap it from their budget proposal?

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