Friday, November 7, 2008

More Morning Joke™ Zaniness - UPDATED

Someone should tell Joe Scarborough that the election is over.

Speaking of Sarah Palin this morning, and how she didn't know her geography, Scarborough squeezed this nugget of wisdom out of his ass: "This plays in her favor."

Not knowing what countries are involved in NAFTA and not knowing Africa is a continent is apparently an advantage to being one step away from the Presidency of the United States, according to Scarborough.

Now we all know what he meant. He meant that politically, it shows she's "just like us" and by "us" I mean all the uneducated wingnuts that make up her base; that she's got that... how do the French say it... "I don't know what"; that she's the type of person you'd like to have a beer with or maybe a lap dance from, but Joe, Joe, Joe, can you for once in your life think about the greater good instead of instinctively going to that deep, dark place that asks how this can be politically advantageous?

I mean, for fuck's sake, she could have gotten to the position of sitting Vice President without knowing that Africa is made up of 53 countries! I think that's a bit of a problem, Joe. I don't care that she galvanizes the extreme right wing base and you think that that's a plus. How did that work this time around? I want my elected officials to be smarter than I am, or at least smarter than a grade school student, or at least smarter than my dog!

And on another note to be fair, if these leaks from anonymous McCain campaign sources are false, then what does it say about the leakers or the Republican party in general that they are eating each other from the inside just two days after the election? They obviously were close enough to realize what type of person she is and don't want her anywhere near the leadership for a future run.

Either way, whether she's a dingbat or whether it's character assassination, and I believe it's the former judging by the few interviews she gave and the VP debate, it's not good for the remnants of the Republican party.

(H/T Bob Cesca)

UPDATE (11/08/08 12:55pm):

More right wing wingnuttery - this time it's Pat Buchanan and the forlorn Mika Brzezinski in defense of Sarah Palin yet again. How can they think it's a good thing for the Republican Party to have Palin as its leader? And they're all upset about the constant Palin attacks after the race is over, as if it's some entity other than the GOP and the McCain camp who's trashing Palin. They're self destructing and refuse to see it.

Lawrence O'Donnell is spot on in this clip.


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