Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Problems - UPDATED

Kansas City, MO - Six polling locations received the wrong precinct books, therefore poll workers don't have the names of the voters who should be casting their ballots in those locations. Officials are now woring to get the books to their proper locations.

12:15pm - Richmond, VA - Exremely long lines. Polls opened at 6am and there were lines forming at 3:30am!!! Electronic voting problems in different counties not showing either the Presidential or Senate races. It's also raining in Virginia and somehow, the ballots are getting wet and jamming as they are put through the machines.

1:55pm - VIRGINIA - The Northumberland County Board of Elections has announced a programming error will prevent voters today from voting a straight ticket for one party.
Mary Thew, director of the Northumberland County Board of Elections, told The News-Item that a problem was discovered early in the vote process.

I'll update this list as I hear of the problems. If you hear anything, let me know.

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