Thursday, February 5, 2009

Andy Card Douchebag Update

Earlier this week I named former Bush White House Chief of Staff Andy Card Douchebag of the Week for flipping out over the non story of Obama not wearing a jacket 24/7 while actually in his Oval Office.

It's almost a week later and he's still bitching about it... on Inside Edition no less.

Someone should remind Card of this little snapshot.

That would be former CIA Director George Tenet, probably in the act of imploring the freaks in the Oval Office to reconsider their plans for world domination with Step One being Iraq, before he was sucked into the dark side and decided it was a slam dunk. That's Card on the right.

It's obvious Tenet's credibility was found wanting because he wasn't wearing a jacket.

This just in: Andrew Card is still a douchebag.

(H/T Lee Stranahan & Political Carnival)

UPDATE (2/6/09 12:10am): Time for Andrew Card to shut the fuck up.

(H/T HuffPo)

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