Saturday, February 7, 2009

Obama's Weekly Address - Feb 7, 2009



Anonymous said...

Hi Broadway Carl, just hopped over from Balloon Juice to check out your place.

RE: Obama's weekly address:

i don't understand why he doesn't take this weekly opportunity to speak with more candor. It seems to be a string of generalities and platitudes that had my eyes glazing over about 15 seconds into it.

I thought that now that the adults were in charge, we could actually have some intelligent dialog but his use of the same worn out, politically safe generalities do not "say" anything about anything.

[shrugs] I guess he has to go to the default, one size fits all / keep it simple stupid approach.

BTW, I'll check in now and then but your site runs a little slow for me even with the script blocker off.


Broadway Carl said...

Thanks for stopping in, "passerby."

I guess politicians speak "politician-speak." Sure, I'd like Obama to speak plainly with more candor, like he did at the House Democratic Retreat in Williamsburg, VA a couple of nights ago. But he has to appeal to everyone or else be perceivced as a wonk (not a problem in my book, but some don't appreciate that fancy book learnin'). And in hindsight, didn't we have enough of a "plain speaker" for the last eight years?

I'm hearing him loud and clear. What I want and what I feel I'm getting is the truh. Sometimes it takes a second listen for me, but it works. I digest it a little better.

Two things: 1 - My site runs slow? I don't know if it's me or Blogger.

2 - You came to me through Balloon Juice? Where did you find me there?