Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shea Goodbye

I've been meaning to stop by what's left of Shea Stadium to take some photos. I drive by Shea every couple of weeks or so while running errands and watch with sadness as the building turns to rubble and all that will be left are my memories. My initial idea was to photographically archive the dismantling with a week by week progression, but one never has time for such things.

Luckily, a friend stopped by to take some pictures last Saturday. It's almost all gone. The bulldozers and wrecking balls are doing their job. The remnants are scooped up and trucked away. Here are a couple of photos my friend sent of what's soon to be the Citi Field parking lot.

(Click for full size)

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Anonymous said...

So sad.Many forget that besides being the home of the mets 69&86world series champs,it was also the home of the super bowl III jets.The game that changed the NFL forever.Shea was the home of two hall of famers:Seaver&Namath.