Saturday, April 25, 2009

Off The Rez

posted by Armadillo Joe

Looks like some of the help forgot who actually runs the plantation. Wonder how long til he's taken out behind the woodshed and reminded who actually runs the Rethugli-goon party (h/t WTF Is It Now?!?):

“Rush Limbaugh is a racist, he’s a cancer to the Republican Party and he should be excised,” [Republican Senate candidate Larry] Murphy said recently.


“My opponents are afraid to say that,” Murphy, told recently.


“People like Rush and [radio host] Laura Ingraham, they’re really destroying our party, and we need to wake up and see that,” Murphy said, adding that his would be a “different kind of Republican candidacy.”
I give it until the end of next week before his family never hears from him again.


Matt Osborne said...

Sooner or later, the GOP will find The One. The oracle has foreseen it: a candidate for office who can beat the bubble-boy talk-show host. With Kung Fu.

Annette said...

Not sure he will last that long..Maybe