Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reason #23,758 I'm glad I left Texas

posted by Armadillo Joe

Joe Barton, the Congressman with the look of smug, blissful ignorance on his face in the following video, represents a huge, sprawling district between Dallas and Houston with no major towns or universities. He is possibly the smartest guy in that district.

The best part is that he thinks he won that fight:

I think it would be unsurprising for folks to learn that the fine Mr. Barton is a graduate of Texas A&M University, home of the Fightin' Texas Aggies and a brain-dead black-hole of Rethugli-goon cornpone Nazism (P.S. -- Bush, Sr. put his library there). In Texas, everyone else's pollack jokes get re-told as Aggie jokes.

This video perfectly illustrates why.

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Broadway Carl said...

What the fuck? How does he think he "baffled" the Energy Secretary? Of course, he thinks got the best of Steven Chu because Chu is relying on science and geological evidence when EVERYONE KNOWS that the little baby Jesus put all that oil under Alaska.