Sunday, April 19, 2009

SUPERTRAINS!: a graphic

posted by Armadillo Joe

I made me a little graphic with some overlays and stuff that I think (hopefully) somewhat illustrates the size of the problem at hand when it comes to building all those rail lines.

If anything about the graphic is unclear, let me know and I will try to improve it.


Broadway Carl said...

Okay, Mr. obsessive. We get it. ;)

Chris Anderson said...

But wait, how do we float all of Japan off of the atlantic coast? And won't that screw up off shore drilling progra-- wait a minute... NOW I GET IT!

Nick in London said...

The Europe map is a little out of date with full TGV to Strasbourg, also the Eurostar now goes all the way to London at full speed having spent years meandering through the Kent countryside being overtaken by commuter trains, little old grannies wheeling shopping carts etc.

Anonymous said...

I'd overlay the Europe map on the East Coast - the population densities are more comparable - and Japan on the West Coast where the urban areas are clustered in a long line just as Japan's are (although the arc of the West Coast curve is the mirror image of the arc of the Japanese islands)