Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Blog Post I Wish I'd Written

posted by Armadillo Joe

...but I didn't and even if I had it wouldn't have turned out this good. Written by Anne Laurie, the newest bomb-thrower over at John Cole's place, she rides the wave of righteous personal fury at the assassination of George Tiller and uses that momentum to carry her into a berserking rage that mercilessly pierces the heart of the haters and let's the puss and bile ooze out.

The opening salvo goes something like this:
If President Obama were my personal “change agent”, he’d have announced that the National Guard would now recruit gynecologists to serve as abortion providers in those parts of America—which would be most parts of America—where domestic terrorism and religious extremists keep American women from accessing medical services which are not only legal but supported by the majority of Americans. And he’d add that the National Guard would also be protecting the facilities where those gynecologists worked, with the intention of prosecuting all lawbreakers to the full extent of the anti-terrorism statutes.
She goes on to advocate for forced-ectopic pregnancies for all anti-abortion men and describes the whole membership of the movement to which they belong as The Womb Bigots, a field-guide to which she is helpfully compiling even as you read this post (first entry: Bingo Ladies Gone Bad).

Go read the whole thing.

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