Tuesday, June 2, 2009

But It's Not About Racism (The Pat Buchanan Edition)

BUCHANAN: Well I, again in that Saturday piece, she went to Princeton. She graduated first in her class it said. But she herself said she read, basically classic children's books to read and learn the language and she read basic English grammars and she got help from tutors. I think that, I mean if you're, frankly if you're in college and you're working on Pinocchio or on the troll under the bridge, I don't think that's college work.

Amanda Terkel: Buchanan has long claimed that Hispanic immigrants are resistant to learning English and has said that it would be easier for them to "assimilate" if they did so. When writing about Mexican immigrants in 2006, Buchanan said that in contrast to Italian immigrants, "millions of Mexicans are determined to retain their language and loyalty to Mexico." Similarly, he has also said that "the road to culture is language" and "they want to keep their Spanish language."

So basically, Buchanan yells when Hispanics are allegedly unwilling to learn English. However, when they make an attempt to do so, he mocks them as being dumb.

You should watch the entire video for more crap like she's an affirmative action activist and belongs to La Raza a "radical group" advancing the Hispanic agenda. Remind me again why Buchanan is considered relevant?


Anonymous said...

Pat Buchanon should write "the Colbert report".The shit that comes out of his mouth sounds like satire.He wrote a book 2 years ago claiming the mexicans are coming into this country so they can populate Texas,Arizona,Colorado and Nevada and evntually claim it back for Mexico!Thats the paranoid,dilusional, racist mentality that bigots just love to hear.Now,a hispanic woman born in this country will in his hooded brain will furthur erode the white power grip in this country. Combined with the Obama presidency, he and the limpballs of the world will help trigger the nut jobs that lead to the killings of politicians and abortion doctors.

Fraulein said...

And until these delusional asshats, like Buchanan and Newt Gingrich, stop being featured on cable news 24/7, we can't claim we have a true free press in this country.

Matt Osborne said...

Buchanan, lest we forget, was the man who declared Culture War in America. Seeing him on TV these days is like having Kaiser Wilhelm giving political commentary 17 years after the end of World War II.