Friday, June 5, 2009

Merkel Has Obama's Back

NY TIMES: Mr. Obama was speaking at a press conference after meeting here [in Dresden] with Chancellor Angela Merkel, who praised the president’s speech in Cairo, saying it offered a “new beginning” for relations between the United States and the Muslim world.

...Mrs. Merkel called Mr. Obama’s words an “ideal basis” to pursue peace efforts [in the Middle East].

It seems that Chancellor Merkel has Obama's back as opposed to just a few years ago when Dubya "had her back" in the mighty clutches using his python forearm strength.


Matt Osborne said...

This trip has been THE best-managed public diplomacy EVER. After that great speech in Cairo, to fly to Germany and visit a concentration camp... It's the perfect answer to America's critics abroad. You could not ask for more. A happy Europe is just icing on the cake.

veralynn said...

lol I read that at first as "Merkin has Obama's back"....