Friday, August 21, 2009

Betsy "Death Panels" McCaughey on the Daily Show

...and as you would expect, Jon Stewart makes her look like the kook that she is.

How anyone can take this person seriously is beyond my comprehension. But it's easy enough to understand how she can persuade the rubes of this country that she knows what she is talking about. Of course, her claims of rationed care for seniors, doctors mandated "prescribed" care by the government and cutting fraud and waste from Medicare equaling cutting care for its patients is just that: baseless claims based on nothing but conjecture from someone working for a drug industry think tank posing for reform in an effort to inject fear into the people who love their government run socialized medicine program (Medicare) and attempt to slam on the health care reform brakes.


NowhereMan said...

My only question is,why does it take a comedy show to do the main stream media's job?Whether it be Bill Kristol,Jim Creamer,or this dingbat they refuse to confront anybody with tough questions.If you ever watch or listen to the BBC,thats the way journalism was when I was a kid.Today I find myself screaming at the TV or radio when a politician says something that I know for a fact is a lie but it goes unchallenged by the interviewer.This whole health care debate has been a perfect example of it.

Fraulein said...

Because Jon Stewart is one of the last true journalists left.