Friday, August 21, 2009


What a surprise. The states with the highest uninsured population are the ones who are falling for the health care myths, mostly in the south and west, because it's so much easier to believe that big, bad, black Obama is gonna kill your grammy, take your money, insure illegal aliens and take over health care when you want to believe it.

According to Gallup, of the 25 states with the greatest percentage of the uninsured, all but three are based in the South or the Midwest.

Texas - 27 percent of the population is uninsured
New Mexico --- 25.6 percent
Mississippi - 24 percent
Louisiana - 22.4 percent
Nevada - 22.2 percent
Oklahoma - 22.2 percent (considered a Midwest state)
California - 21 percent
Wyoming - 20.7 percent
Florida - 20.7 percent
Georgia - 20.7 percent
South Carolina - 20.4 percent
Montana - 20.3 percent
Alaska -- 20.2 percent
Arkansas - 20.1 percent
Colorado - 20 percent
Oregon - 19.4 percent
West Virginia - 19.3 percent (considered a Northeast state)
North Carolina - 19.3 percent
Idaho - 18.8 percent
Utah - 18.1 percent
Kentucky - 17.9 percent
Tennessee - 17.8 percent
Nebraska - 17.7 percent
Alabama - 17.2 percent
Missouri - 17.1 percent (considered a Midwest state)


NowhereMan said...

These people always vote against their best interest because they are to lazy&uneducated thats why the republicans are always against education spending.They get elected by counting on people who don't know better.A better educated country means less republicans in office.

Fraulein said...

Exactly. How many more years of misery will these people have to endure before they realize they've brought it on themselves by voting Republican??