Monday, August 17, 2009

Hopey, Changey

posted by Armadillo Joe


That such a headline could even be conceived is sufficient for me to say "I told you so."

Democrats suck. I want a new party.

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NowhereMan said...

Upon further review,public option wasn't even mentioned in Obama's NY Times op-ed.That wasn't a slip.The fix was in from the very beginning.He wanted Tom Daschle to be his point man on health care reform.The very same Tom Daschle who is a lobbyist for the health insurers.If he was really serious about the public option,he could've named Howard Dean to the position who has always championed single payer and supports the public option.As usual we were taken for suckers and Obama isn't winning any profiles in courage awards and has decided to throw his base under the bus.Once I read Rahm Emanuel was telling liberal groups like moveon to stop targeting blue dogs I knew it was over.I can't blame all the Democrats when three house committees and the senate HELP passed bills with the public option.The only hope left is for the liberals in the house and the senate is to drag Obama kicking and screaming to sign a bill with the public option by declaring if the final bill doesn't have a public option,they won't vote for it.I voted for change not for more of the same.