Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Human Race Is Screwed

Due to complaints from customers, Frito-Lay, the makers of SunChips, are going back to using regular plastic bags for its tasty treat instead of the biodegradable bags they currently use. The reason? The bags are noisy. Let me repeat that. They are discontinuing the use of biodegradable bags in five of its six flavors of SunChips because fucking idiots are goddamned inconvenienced by the noise the bags make.

The bags were launched in April 2009 with a big marketing effort to play up their compostability because they're made from plants and not plastic.
...Spokeswoman Aurora Gonzalez said the company received complaints about the noise from the bags, although it also received thanks from customers who liked being able to recycle them.
So the decision was made to remove the bulk of the biodegradable line.
"We need to listen to our consumers," she said. "We clearly heard their feedback."
We are so fucked.


jhw22 said...

Welllll... they are pretty damn loud. ;) You'd think they could make a biodegradable bag that didn't burst eardrums.


Virtual Kevin said...

I think what makes me sad about the whole thing is that people are not willing to give up anything to improve the environment!!

They want it just as cheap, just as quiet as the old products!! Cmon people give in a little, it is worth it! Why do people have to take, take, take.

Drive a slightly smaller car, turn on fewer lights, let the room be a little colder. Give a little for a change.
Or just put your chips in a bowl.

Personally i like the "snack taxi" instead of plastic bags. But I am green like that!