Saturday, October 9, 2010

Publicity Stunt

Last night I received a text message from a family relative:

Beck to go on leave of absence because he loses feeling in his hands and feet?!
To which I immediately responded:
"God's vengeance!" (If I believed in God.) That's what he gets for making fun of a family whose house burned down. It's probably a publicity stunt."
Then I read this piece of shit and I knew I was probably right.

Glenn Beck is setting himself up to be a martyr. It's sad, really. This pathetic excuse for a man is so insecure despite his fame and fortune, despite his status as the quintessential confidence man of the 21st century, that he is now losing feeling in his extremities.

Who knows? If true, maybe it is stress related. God knows it has to be very stressful to be making over $30 million per year on the backs of ghostwriters, conning helpless rubes hanging on your every word, and the realization that the bullshit you spew daily has gotten so out of control, it has pushed a quarter of the country to the verge of canning food and stocking ammo in preparation for the Rapture, that even a douche like Beck may be suffering from guilt.

But I doubt it.  Maybe he just wants a vacation... but due to his opportunistic, manipulative ways, is making it look like it's all just too much for the Beckster. After all, there's nothing like having millions of rubes not only follow you religiously, but while you're at it, you may as well have them be concerned over your well being in order to give your ego a hand job in the process.  Check out the comments section to see what I'm talking about.

(H/T Elvis Dingeldein)

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Annette said...

Even in print he can't speak well.. Most of that made no sense at As I was reading I thought it is one of two.. or maybe both combined.

He is trying to be Job.. from the Old Testament, trials and testing to see if his faith is pure.. (I noticed someone in the comments said the same thing.. He reminded them of Job.)

And the 2nd thing, he is catching hell from the others at Fox, and possibly the powers that be are putting him on a leave of absence until they decide what to do with him.

Something else just popped into my head.. Why is he going "West" for this treatment and tests... If he is so proud of 4 of his 5 doctors, then why is he leaving them and going "West"? Doesn't he live in NY and has available some of the best hospitals and doctors in the country? Just asking.