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First of all, if you haven't checked out the blog, The Mudflats, written by AKMuckraker -- aka Jeanne Devon -- you should. Well, you should if you are interested in an Alaskan's perspective on politics or how Alaska politics has become more relevant since a certain woman strutted her stuff across a stage and changed the world as we know it.

Jeanne Devon broke the story about the Palin's fancy cabin that was never properly assessed for taxes, thus they shorted their taxes for a few years. That was a fun week in Palin-watching. And now Devon exposes a secret email written by Todd "Who's Running This Show" Palin to Joe "I Already Measured for curtains in My New Senate Office" Miller and it wasn't a pretty showdown.

The post by Devon was one of the last things I read last night and the first thing I saw on the TV this morning. Everyone is talking about Todd's email, asking what it says about a potential presidential run and what it says about the Hatfields and the McCoys, I mean, the Palins and Miller. But it's Todd's response to all the hoopla that I find most fascinating.

Here's the portion of the initial email that I want to draw attention to:

he can’t answer a simple question “is Sarah Palin Qualified to be President”. I DON’T KNOW IF SHE IS.
Now, to be fair to Todd, Joe Miller wasn't asked if the half-term opportunist was qualified and Joe Miller didn't answer no or I don't know. He was asked if he would support the quitter-in-chief if she runs. How did he answer? Well, he took the long way around by saying (around the 7:35 mark) that's not his race and that she's a star within the party while emphasizing that Joe Miller, who refers to himself as Joe Miller so I will also, didn't make any deals for dual endorsements. Joe Miller doesn't deal. And that is what seems to have everyone all a flutter. Because Todd implied that there is a quid pro quo in the now infamous email:
Joe, please explain how this endorsement stuff works, is it to be completely one sided.
That seems to go against the Joe Miller standard of no deal making (which, sorry to burst the "new" Senator's bubble, but deal making is part of politics and life) which he made quite clear, repeatedly, when asked if he had given assurance of his endorsement of her in exchange for her endorsement of him.

But again, I draw your attention to Todd's statement:
he can’t answer a simple question “is Sarah Palin Qualified to be President”. I DON’T KNOW IF SHE IS.
Because after the whirlwind the email caused, Todd said this:
when I heard he'd said something less than supportive of my wife's efforts, I responded. But it turns out we'd gotten our wires crossed and Joe hadn't said anything like what I'd been told
Frankly, after watching Joe "Fred Astaire" Miller dance around saying he'd support her, I'd say he was "less supportive". He may not have said "I don't know if she's qualified" but he certainly didn't give the support the Palin's expected. So what I think we're seeing is a rewriting of history. Todd was mad about lackluster support from Miller but after being embarrassed by it, he thought he could pretend, and America would accept, that Joe "I Approve This Coded Message" Miller gave a glowing endorsement simply by implying as much.

Now I wonder how Todd will react to this statement made by Miller:
We know that we have a constitutional requirement for somebody that's gonna run for President. Of course she's qualified.
Funny, I recall that same throwaway line being used about Obama by people who had no intention of endorsing him ever. Which by the way reminds me that perhaps we should find some footage or quotes of people saying that about Obama and shoving it up the birthers' asses. But I digress...

See, I think Todd had it right the first time. Joe "I Don't Make Deals" Miller isn't about to answer the question in any way suitable to the Palin camp. Todd can rewrite history all he wants but Joe Miller is plowing ahead without her. He got the endorsement and now he's throwing her to the wolves (do I hear helicopters coming to save her?). And I am pretty confident I know who leaked that email. Seems to me Joe "I Look Like Chuck Norris" Miller ain't takin' shit from the Palin clan.

P.S. I am the last person to criticize Todd Palin's grammar but Holy Crap Strunk and White! His grammar is ten times worse than mine on a bad day.


vic said...

Thanks JHW22! Once again you guys give me just a little more of the story. That's why I visit here regularly. I've read this on several blogs yesterday and today, and most just shared the basic emails without any progression - you provided some of the 'next steps'. Good job - and much appreciated by 'moi'.

veralynn said...

that was most excellent. I do have one question though.....I still do better typo than half wit's husband, right?