Thursday, October 7, 2010



I must admit I am pretty sickened and angry right now. I have no plan for what to write because I can't even wrap my head around an email I received and the subsequent shit I found while Googling about the photo in the email. I don't want to link to any sites that support my post because I don't want to give any of these fucking idiots the hits. If you want to see what people are saying about this photo, you can Google and find dozens of sites that prove one thing: Republicans would rather insult the First Lady of the United States over her clothing choices than even TRY to give her or the President an ounce of respect all while minimizing the solemn event that was photographed.

I have taken my share of heat for saying that I actually like Laura Bush. And when people challenge me on that they have valid points related to policies and principles. But I have never heard that I should not like her because of her clothing. I have never heard she was disrespectful to the country or our military because of an outfit.

Michelle Obama attended a posthumous awards ceremony for Army Sgt. 1st Class Jared Monti. His mom and dad were there to receive a Medal of Honor from the Commander in Chief. But the right-wing blogosphere blew up with catty, vile, insulting comments about Michelle's dress. Her dress!

The award ceremony was in September 2009 and YET I received an email TODAY where someone has Photoshopped her dress to look like a pinata. Yep, you can Google Michelle Obama and pinata dress and see what I mean.

I don't care if people like her dress or not. A member of our military died. The President of the United States awarded him the highest honor. And people suggest that Michelle Obama was tacky because of her dress. I'd say that the lack of class falls on anyone who would take a solemn moment and turn it into one more excuse to dehumanize a woman who is serving her country with dignity and compassion. But for some reason (her party, her race, her intelligence, her beauty) people want to make her into a monster because of a dress.

Some of the comments I read made me wish I'd never received that damn email with the pinata Photoshop version of the dress. My friend actually thought the dress was real but with enough hesitation to write "No way???". Someone sent that to her today. Fortunately, she only sent it to me. But it's FUBAR'd that the criticism of one dress on one day is riling the right one year later via the magic of the intertubes and classless emails from classless people.

I hope no one else's medal ceremony is belittled in the manner again.


Virtual Kevin said...

cmon...thats the worst they could come up with? Kinda sad actually.

We took our shots at Bush and his cowboy hats and boots. Don't give them the credibility by getting upset.

No matter what Obama wears or does, no matter how great he improves this country, in fact especially if he does change it, they will attack him on all sides.

Let them run around like a 3 year old on chocolate, until they fall asleep in the corner and the adults can do the real work.

jhw22 said...

You did read the post, right?

The post is about Michelle.

I didn't say that was the worst. The point is how disrespectful of a fallen soldier the party who claims to love the military was in this matter.


NowhereMan said...

You're right Jen, they missed the bigger picture.The Obamas were attending a ceremony for a lost soldier.They also attended a ceremony in the Delaware Air Force base where bodies of soldiers killed in war first arrive on American soil while Bush,who started both wars,hasn't bothered to attend a single funeral

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