Thursday, August 5, 2010

Breitbart Just Can't Let The Sherrod Thing Go

Just admit you were wrong, Andrew. I know it's really hard for you, but be a man and eat crow like a big boy. Instead, you continue to take a hatchet to your credibility, as if you have any left or had any to begin with, by hiring Dr. Kevin Pezzi to write for your sorry excuse of a website without even vetting him. Did you take a lesson from the McCain campaign in their VP nominating choice?

Unless you really did know his background but thought you'd just get another dig in at Shirley Sherrod before the shit hit the fan as yet another one of your bullshit "journalists" gets outed as a con man and then decide to take down his posts and bio without even mentioning Pezzi by name.  What's the harm, right? Your aim is to make waves, cause damage and then walk away with shrugged shoulders, arms outstretched as if you had no clue.

Another "oops," Andrew? Another, "the video was already edited when I received it"?

You fucking child.

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