Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Party of "Just you wait til you see our plans..."


The suspense is killing me. Apparently the Republican Party has known what they are against (everything) but are still formulating what they are for. After a year and a half of being asked what they are for, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says we only need to wait one more month to find out what that is. Woo hoo! One more month and THEN we will FINALLY know what the Republicans plan on doing with the control they ass-ume they will gain in November. Phew. And I thought they had no clue what a plan even was or what they actually stood for. So, come on September. Bring it on! Yeah!

But wait, remember last year when they teased us with their "we have a budget that isn't really a budget" scheme? The press was all a flutter with the countdown to the Republican budget. And then it was released! And it didn't have any numbers.

So I am feeling a little, what's the word, oh yeah, giggly over the new wait. I figure they'll either look silly or stupid. Oh, why does August have to have that extra day!?


politicalpartypooper said...

Well, Paul Ryan tried to write a Roadmap for America, but the GOP is rejecting it because over half their constituency can't read it. Should be exciting. I wonder if their plan will be a little like Pictionary


veralynn said...

Pooper always has a good answer for what they are thinking. I agree (what?! I know!) with Pooper....they are going to play pictionary.


Anonymous said...

Very funny post, Jennifer. Be careful what you wish for! I'm sure you will be ready to refudiate it.

Oh PPP! You are bad!

Thanks to both for a great laff to end the day.

Breathlessly waiting---for nothing.
Desert Crone

jhw22 said...

I've already decided that if it's horrible and not laughable, I'll dedicate Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends" to all who have to endure whatever they present. Either way, it's a win.


NowhereMan said...

Lets see,repeal the health care bill,end unemployment compensation,end social security,repeal the 14th amendment,cut education,increase military spending,continue the expiring Bush tax cuts for the very rich and of course, a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage

vicki C said...

@ N.M.
You forgot 'impeach the president'.