Saturday, August 7, 2010

Set Your DVRs!

TLC President Eileen O'Neill told reporters at the annual Television Correspondents Association press tour that "Sarah Palin's Alaska," the TLC series that was announced in March, will debut on November 14 at 9 PM.
...The announcement of the series in March had created a stir, since TLC is owned by the Discovery Network, which is known for its nature shows, and Palin is no friend of the environmental movement.
O'Neill told reporters that "the early selects are looking great."
"It's become clear it takes a special individual to thrive in Alaska," she said.
The initial run is slated for eight episodes. I can't for "Episode Five: Special Individuals Make Wasilla the Crystal Meth Capital of Alaska."

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NowhereMan said...

No coincidence the show will start AFTER the elections.They certainly didn't want to give her more exposure before the election so that fence sitting voters wouldn't decide to vote left after watching and listening to this idiot up close.