Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sarah Palin's Facebook Scrub

Not too long ago, I joined Sarah Palin's Facebook page just to comment on her page. It took about 30 seconds before I was banned from commenting. I thought that was pretty efficient, even for Team Palin, but as I scrolled down the thousands of comments, I realized that not one of them was even close to controverisal or disagreeable, and that almost all of them were a tribute to the Mama Grizzly.

My thoughts have been confirmed.

There are a host of benign posts deleted from supporters who simply disagreed with the person Palin chose to endorse in a particular note. A typical one addressed her endorsement of Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire for U.S. Senate: "I can't believe Sarah endorsed Ayotte. Ayotte is not a Momma Grizzley, she's just another progressive in Rep. clothing. The 912 group I belong to and some of the other groups in the state are disappointed by this endorsement."
This caused a little stir among the commenters. "Why are the few comments expressing disagreement with this endorsement being deleted?" wrote one. " Just because some of us disagree with the endorsement doesn't mean that we don't follow Sarah Palin." Alfred Petross wrote, "I just wish you would listen to me as a resident of the 3rd Congressional District. All I am doing is voicing my opinion and my posts keep getting deleted...." (These comments were then deleted.) "Having my posts deleted were extremely disappointing," says Petross, who went on to post his letter to Palin on his Facebook page, "because I was under the impression that Sarah Palin was in fact a political activist who was all about hearing the opinions and voices of the constituents of the United States."
Oh, poor, deluded Alfred Petross. He doesn't realize that Sarah Palin is all about Sarah Palin. Are so many people really that naive? Sarah doesn't care about opinions other than her own.  She doesn't care about the voices of constituents. Sarah is about advancing Sarah's agenda.  How people don't see through her thin veneer is beyond me.


chris said...

yes, so many people are really that naive.

jhw22 said...

As a fellow member of the blocked commenters club, I also, too, enjoyed reading that article.

Vindicudiation! ;)


veralynn said...

and such as jhw22.

and sister and one niece think she speaks coherently. My sister has a college degree and my niece is a medical therapist of some sort....

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Whatever Jennifer said???? lol

Vera, you're in my prayers. )-;

Desert Crone

NowhereMan said...

Stay away from your family Veralynn!Your sister must've gone to the one of the colleges Palin attended.

NowhereMan said...

She always talks about the blessings of liberty given to us by our founding fathers but why does she suppress those blessings given to her loyal lemmings?You people who follow her have to get the clue or get a life.