Friday, February 27, 2009

Is It Patriotic To Pay Taxes?

When then Senator and now Vice President Joe Biden called paying taxes patriotic, it was derided as ridiculous spin on the Obama campaign's tax plan should he win office. Republican opponent John McCain called income tax increases "painful" although those tax increases (to let the Bush tax cuts that had benefited so many of the nation's wealthiest 1% expire) help us in paying for the war of choice that the right continues to tout to this day.

So they want to rid the world of the evildoers, but they don't want to pay for it? And then they use the "we don't want to use our children's and grandchildren's credit cards to pay for this" line to criticize the Obama recovery plan, when we've been using those credit cards and hiding the true cost of the occupation of Iraq all along.

President Obama spoke today at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina to announce his plan to draw down troops for an eventual end to the War in Iraq. But what struck me most about his speech was the idea of sacrifice for country. Standing behind him, I saw the faces of men and women who have sacrificed for their country, not to mention the faces of those who served that we'll never see again, and yet the privileged few complain about paying higher taxes to support those who are defending us.

What would they say if they saw this?

(H/T Matt Osborne)


Annette said...

It has always rang so false for me, coming from a military family for the rethugs to be so against paying taxes and supporting our military. They talk the talk, but they don't walk it. That was what I have always had against McCain.

While people called him hero, I never did, and I argued against it. Just because he served and was in a POW camp did not make him a hero. There were lots of others who were there, went through much more than he did, and yet have never been called a hero. Yet, he wants that label put on him daily. But will not honor the men and women who fight by helping them. That's why I have no respect for him and cut him no slack and give him zero cred as Bob would say when it comes to anything he says about military matters.

Why anyone defers to him is still a mystery to me, other than no one bothers to check his record on voting for the military or veterans issues. If they did their job, maybe then they would stop pandering to this blathering idiot.

Pres. Obama has continually walked the walk when it comes to military and veterans issues and it showed yesterday and in his budget.

Matt Osborne said...

I am SO happy to see this video spread around. I discovered it in the early days of YouTube; it's a cultural artifact that deserves broad exposure.

Anonymous said...

to annette: you also notice that the ones are so gungho for war never served.They're the champions of the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about.Pro militery but not pro soldiers.Unarmored vehicles,flak jackets 3,4 tours of duty,the Walter reed scandel.A tax cut during war?Thats unpatriotic!