Thursday, February 26, 2009

Matt Lauer Calls Out Rick Santelli On His White House Threat Claim

Santelli: "Well, I'm not saying 'threatening'..."

Really? That's not what you said on G. Gordon Liddy's sorry excuse for a show.

Good for Matt Lauer to call out this moron. And Lauer didn't even mention the fact that the reason Robert Gibbs "called out" Santelli is because he was asked a question about Santelli's specific action!

Q On the foreclosure plan, aside from Rush Limbaugh and that cable rant on the floor of the Exchange, there really does appear to be some --

MR. GIBBS: Chuck's network? (Laughter.)

Q -- there really does appear to be some anger out there from people who just don't believe the President when he said that only people who acted responsibly are going to be helped here. How can you assure people that you're going to reward only people, only homeowners who acted responsibly?
Can this guy please fade back into obscurity now?


Annette said...

It was the 2nd time Matt has smacked him back a little.. he might think before he talks to Matt next

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic pussy!HE calls out the president,the president answers through Gibbs which forces Santelli and his wife to soil their underwear and dive under their bed cowering in fear!Rick,you and your wife aren't Joe & Valerie Wilson and this isn't the Bush administration.You have nothing to fear in the immortal words of Harry Truman "if you can't stand the heat,get out of the kitchen".