Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Morning Joke™ (The Frozen Gonad Edition)

I woke up this morning poised to post something with nothing in mind. So I thought I'd turn on the Farnsworth invention and see what was on Morning Joke™. Surely I could find something within 30 seconds. And I was right.

What the fuck? Iced coffee, anyone? The Morning Joke™ crew is televising live from Washington, D.C. in anticipation of President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress tonight. Did no one tell NBC? They're sitting out in front of the White House freezing their balls off! Doesn't NBC have studios in Washington?!

These imbeciles are sitting on the White House lawn interviewing Senator Chuck Schumer from his remote spot in the warm Capital Building but forcing others like new Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to sit out there like a schmuck giving these guys time with the wind howling, Mika shivering under a blanket and Mike Barnicle about to die from hypothermia. They can barely talk because their faces a frozen stiff.

According to Weather.com, it's currently 12° with the wind chill factor in D.C. Willie "Scooter" Geist is nowhere to be seen. Maybe he's the smart one after all. Oh wait, there he is on the other side of the White House proving he's just as moronic as the rest of them. At least he didn't disappoint.


Annette said...

Actually Willie spent most of the morning inside...lol He was the smartest one of the bunch.. he was in the old swimming pool under the press rooom.

Fraulein said...

Mike Barnicle expiring from hypothermia wouldn't be a huge loss. I'm just saying...

Annette said...

No it wouldn't...lol He spews enough hot air that it was probably warm out there.