Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NOW He Wants To Speak?!

Wasteful spending. That's what I call anyone or any company willing to pay for the "pleasure" of hearing former president George W. Bush speak. (And by "pleasure" I only mean equal to this.)

Think Progress: As the Dallas Morning News reported earlier this month, George W. Bush’s first post-presidency address will be in Canada on March 17. The closed event is being billed as “a conversation with George W. Bush,” during which he will “share his thoughts on his eight momentous years in the Oval Office.”

Ah, yes. Eight momentous years. The Bush Legacy Project continues...

(H/T Oliver Willis)


Annette said...

Do you think they will understand anything he says?? I never could. I honestly think that is what is wrong with the media now. They are so used to listening to him, they can't figure out what Pres. Obama is saying, because he speaks plain English and makes sense.

Broadway Carl said...

For me, it got to the point of the way Bush spoke, not even the content that rose my blood pressure. That's why I linked the "pleasure" video.

It was all twangs and noise and nonsense and heavy nose breathing when he was annoyed at being asked most, if not all, questions. The shity, close set eyes, the pursed lips, the uncomfortable lean on the podium, the air of condescension having to prove himself in front of his audience.

Why would anyone want to pay for that?

Broadway Carl said...

Correction: *shifty eyes

Annette said...

Oh I think you got it right the first time...lol

There is a blog I go to on my list.. called Talking to Tango.. He has a new post up today saying they have warned Bush not to come to Canada now.. they consider him a War Criminal and subject to arrest if he shows up now...lol might prove interesting.