Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Palin/Jindal 2012!!

Guest-posted by Fraulein

I'm still gathering my thoughts for a longer post about last night's speech by President Obama, but in the meantime I wanted to parachute in here with a couple of quick thoughts:

1. Did our President kick some Republican ass last night or what? and

2. As far as Bobby Jindal is concerned, I for one was quite impressed with his performance, in that, as a public speaker, he makes Sarah Palin look positively eloquent. If this chicken-fried dipshit represents the best of the Republican party, they are beyond hosed. They are DONE. I can't wait to see this guy run for VP on the ticket with Palin. Go Bobby go!

UPDATE: I figured out who he reminds me of.


Annette said...

I thought more Mr Rogers.. kept looking for him to take off his jacket and put on a then sit down and put on his

Anonymous said...

Didn't you feel he was reading you a bedtime story?It would've put me to sleep if I wasn't laughing so hard.