Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dismiss Limbaugh? Not A Chance - UPDATED

I've been reading some comments on other web threads of those who are concerned of the Limbaugh situation and how it may galvanize Republicans in 2010 and 2012. Or perhaps that the Democrats are not taking Limbaugh seriously.

Sure, it's great comedy for the left - right now. What about in a couple of years when these idiots mobilize? And mark my words, they surely will. This whole "kiss the ring" mentality of the party is ludicrous, but it keeps them in the news cycle.
I say fine, let it come. Let them continue to make asses out of themselves by bowing down to a radio talk show entertainer. Anyone who listens to and agrees with Limbaugh is never in a million years voting Democratic anyway. It's the independents who are annoyed, frustrated and fed up with the Limbaugh rhetoric, and if the Republican party refuses to distance themselves from Rush because they're afraid of him and the power he wields with 20 million listeners, then it shows them for weak party they've become. They can sit behind their podiums and threaten to filibuster when they're in the collegial body of the Senate, but when they have to shiv someone in a Rush Limbaugh airwaves street fight, they kneel down, cower and beg for mercy.

So in a sense, Democrats and liberals who are making the correlation between Limbaugh and the leadership of the GOP aren't doing it for a laugh, they aren't taking Limbaugh for granted, they're embracing the fact that as far as GOP voters are concerned, Limbaugh TRULY IS the de facto leader of the Republican party and every time a GOP politician tries to distance himself from Rush, he looks like twice the fool when he tucks his tail between his legs and apologizes the next day. They can't say Rush doesn't speak for the party and then backtrack and say they "cherish his voice in the public debate."

And what if they do "mobilize"? The crazies came out in droves to vote against what they perceived was a black, Muslim, Manchurian candidate, foreign born socialist who palled around with terrorists. There were shouts of "treason" and "terrorist" and "off with his head" from the wingnuts at Sarah Palin rallies.

What did that get them? 45 million votes, 160 some odd electoral votes, and major seat losses in Congress. They're in for the same thing if the strategy remains the same. If the Republican party was serious about changing, they wouldn't be touting the likes of Jindal and Palin for 2012.

As an aside, I don't know whether the Obama staff and the Democratic party in general stumbled upon Limbaugh equaling the head of GOP by chance, or whether it was a carefully laid out tactic, but it seems to be working. The Republicans are in Limbaugh quicksand right now, and the more they struggle to extract themselves, the deeper they sink.

UPDATE (4:25pm):

Maybe it was planned after all. Well, I suppose not "planned" per se, but the Democrats are definitely using it to their advantage.

Politico's Jonathan Martin: Rush Job: Inside Dems' Limbaugh plan

Washington Post Op-Ed - David Plouffe: Minority Leader Limbaugh


Matt Osborne said...

Nobody in the White House decided that Limbaugh ought to be painted as leader of the GOP. Limbaugh *became* the leader of the GOP. He's assumed the role; Obama's staff is playing the hand they're dealt, and they're playing it well.

Because (as I keep saying) Rush is a demagogue, but he's the political equivalent of the bubble boy. He can't survive outside his echo chamber. Have you ever seen what happens to him when confronted with an actual debate? He gets slaughtered. The GOP's new leader can't "lead" them anywhere.

Broadway Carl said...

I get it, Matt, but didn't this whole mountain start out of the mole hill of Obama saying the GOP won't get anything done if they listen to guys like Rush Limbaugh?

Also, I heard second hand that Rush has actually challenged Obama to debate him for a full 3 hours on his show today. A caller of his then asked why not do it in prime time with a moderator of his choosing and he said no, it had to be on his show.

Then someone said (paraphrasing), "If you're fighting for the soul of America, why not debate in front a huge audience?"

He said no, it had to be on his show. So you're right. If he's out of his element and can't control the situation, he crumbles.

Matt Osborne said...

Arguing the point: it's not like Obama "gave life" to Limbaugh -- Limbaugh was already "giving life" to the GOP from his sound booth.

Fraulein said...

I agree with Carl, and I've thought this for some time now: this corpulent asshat's influence is limited to the dead-enders who would never vote for a Democrat under any circumstances. While it is sobering and scary that so many of these people came out to vote for McCain the last time around, I am convinced that the dead-ender base is shrinking. With every new job lost and 401K plan collapsed, you have the makings of a future potential Democratic voter. Certainly not all the victims of Bush's economic policies will understand what is causing their current problems, but a lot of them will. And the blatherings of this drug-addled lunatic are only going to make people LESS likely to vote for Republicans, in my view, the more closely he becomes tied to the institutional Republican party.

So they want to make Rush the Magic Druggie their standard-bearer? I say bring it on. And let's keep Palin and Jindal and that Michele Bachmann wack-job right there with him--link all these losers, in the public mind, inextricably with the GOP.

Fraulein said...

And just let me add for the record: in no way am I applauding the loss of jobs or retirement money or trying to imply that the Democratic party is happy to "benefit" from such things. I just think that as Bush's economic policies come home to roost, at least some Americans are going to understand that it was Bush that drove things to this point. And I have a hard time seeing those people voting for Republicans in the future.