Thursday, March 5, 2009

President Obama at The Rx for Health Care Reform Summit

President Obama: "There's been some talk about the notion that maybe we're taking on too much. That we're in the midst of an economic crisis and that the system is overloaded and so we should put this off for another day.

Well, let's just be clear. When times were good, we didn't get it done. When we had mild recessions, we didn't get it done. When we were in peace time, we did not get it done. When we were at war, we did not get it done. There is always a reason not to do it. And it strikes me that now is exactly the time for us to deal with this problem. The American people are looking for solutions, business is looking for solutions and government, state, federal and local, needs solutions to this problem.

So for all of you who've been elected to office or those who are heading up major associations, I would say, 'What better time than now? And what better cause for us to take up?' Imagine the pride when we go back to our constituencies next year and say, 'You know what? We finally got something done on health care.' That's something that's worth fighting for and I hope that all of you fight for it."


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Anonymous said...

Hello BC,

Health Care reform is both necessary and noble , however NOW IS NOT the time to undertake such a massive venture. BO has spread himself too widely on too many fronts:
Iraq can topple into chaos at any moment. Afghanistan promises to make Vietnam look like a church picnic (at least the Vietnamese wanted a stable unified country, Afghanis are a nomadic tribal people who enjoy war), challenging the oil companies for control of energy production, and the economy.

Pharmaceutical and insurance lobbyists have infiltrated Congress like Vietcong sappers on a Tet holiday, they will not go down without a fight and some serious blood shed. A national health insurance program will threaten the private insurance industries existence. Besides the blood bath the stock market , which inlcuding our homes, is our only measure of wealth (which , when you get older and have busted your ass for 25 years) is very important when you are thinking of retiring is TANKING.Health care sticks are usually the only strong investments during a recession however they are taking a nose dive with the promise of reform.

BO needs to focus on the most important task at home: fixing the economy, and he needs to nationalize a bank(s) now and let the others go bankrupt.

Once the economy rebounds, which it should be doing by now, BO can then take on health care.

Matt Osborne said...

Anonymous, when IS it the right time? Do we need World Peace and economic paradise before we finally do something about this? Or maybe just wait until the GOP has a majority again?

I say now is the time -- because the time was years ago. Health care costs are out of control and the system is breaking. Waiting is not an option.

Anonymous said...

Well Matt, my young friend, we only applaud those efforts that bear fruit, all others are viewed as failures and will serve as political grenades that will be thrown against Obama by the opposition and cast him as inept.

Thus it is my opinion, that in the current environment of several major issues that are in flux and the outcome not yet sure (again, the market/economy, withdrawal from Iraq, a troop surge in Afghanistan, a probable Israeli airstrike on Iran). Implementing health care reform with a federally sponsored program will threaten the viability of private insurance companies, several of which make the top ten Forbes companies in profit earnings and as such have ample resources to do battle. There are insurgents withing Congress who will do their bidding.If the economy continues to fail, a crisis erupts in the Middle East, the publics faith in him will waver.

Obama should first demonstrate his ability at implementing change, win the confidence of the public( his 60% approval rating is the same as GHB's at the same time in his term and not unusual, thus do not be fooled ny the media that BO has undying support) and then go on the offensive against health care before the midterm elections.

He should not repeat the same mistakes as Napoleon Hitler, and Bush and wage battle on more than one front at once.

chris said...

Seems to me that there are a lot of people out there who don't really understand the impact of a universal health care system. (yes, i know that that's not what's being advocated)
Aside from the impact on the 47 million Americans currently without coverage, taking the responsibility for health insurance out of the hands of employers immediately ups their pre-tax earnings. If they don't pass it on to their employees, their taxes go up. If they do give raises, their employees' income taxes will go up, yet both the employers & employees will net more money/profits. Either way, the gov't ends up with increased tax revenues, which can be used to fund the system.
Employers can hire more people, either directly or by spending more on renovations, equipment purchases, etc. Employees have more money to spend in their communities, which will helps EVERYBODY.
Healthcare reform is an integral part of economic recovery. WHY is it considered a bad thing? I honestly don't get it.
(sorry if that's a bit incoherent. It's early yet)

chris said...

adding - taking health care coverage out of the hands of the private insurance companies will not cause them to collapse. They have plenty of fingers in other pies to sustain them.
Those that concentrate solely on health insurance could be incorporated into a gov't system, since they're already affiliated thru the medicare/medicaid programs.

chris said...

and then I saw this

Broadway Carl said...

Chris, I was going to mention that very thing and then you linked to Sirota's article.

There are two ways of looking at this.

1 - Implementing a governmental OPTION for health care gets more people covered, reduces revenue that we all pay for emergency room care, and helps struggling small businesses that we all keep hearing about from the GOP with health care costs that you expounded on above. Win-win-win, right? The government (taxpayers really) pays less for health care costs with preventative care options now afforded to those currently without health insurance, businesses proser without the strain of said costs and more people are covered.

2 - If you're happy with the insurance you have now and can afford it, no one is forcing you into the new government system.

Mitch McConnell can't have it both ways and say the free market rules from one side of his mouth and then complain that insurance companies wouldn't be able to compete in the free market against a government run option from the other side of his mouth.