Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Health care is a privilege."

Cross posted by Fraulein

So says Tennessee GOP 3rd District Rep., Zach Wamp. What he means is, "Will you go die already, you sick poor people?"

Here's Zach's contact page. I'm sure he'd welcome an e-mail telling him what you think about this!

Also: Can the Democratic party start compiling video like this for campaign ads? Pretty please?

UPDATE (3/6/09):
The always-insightful Bob Cesca nails it:

Maybe if we all dressed up in fetus costumes, the Republicans would be tricked into finally supporting our right to life.

The truth is, Republicans only support life when the super rich aren't taxed to pay for it.


Annette said...

I didn't watch the video.. I read it on First Read just now.. I also saw something about stupid Bachman spouting off again too on lipping Liddy's program... same thing.

This is getting just a little much with the socialist meme.

TruthSerum said...

When you call 911 you expect the fire department or police department to show up. The same for health care. It is a civil right for all citizens in the US. I am a Conservative who strongly believes in a federally sponsored nonprofit insurance program that is available to all.This should include dental care and focus on preventive medicine. What do we need health insurance companies for?

Fraulein said...

You're absolutely right, TruthSerum. If we want to call ourselves the greatest country in the world, and truly live up to the name, I believe we owe all our citizens access to decent health care.

Matt Osborne said...

The GOP has really doubled down on the crazy. They need a 12-step program, alright, but Michael Steele's as much in denial as any Republican. Rush is the leader in denial. There are no adults in the GOP anymore.