Thursday, March 5, 2009

Limbaugh's Minions Rush To His Defense

One hates to keep talking about Rush Limbaugh all the time. After all, if you're not a dittohead why would you want your world to be consumed by all things Limbaugh 24/7? But I would be remiss to ignore the continuing clusterfuck that is the Republican party being sucked up in a Limbaugh food vacuole.

Yesterday, I mentioned the ever deepening quicksand the Republicans are sinking into as they try wriggling away from the notion that Limbaugh is the de facto head of their party while being fearful of offending him and feeling the Rush wrath. And now as a testament that the GOP is stuck between a rock and a fat place, Texas Senator John Cornyn has started a petition to get the big, bad "Democrat party" to stop saying mean things about how Rush leads the Republicans.

...just weeks into his Administration the President’s staff has been caught engaging in a coordinated and cynical political attack game – the very diversion and manipulation then-candidate Obama attacked the McCain campaign for last year. The apparent goal of this strategy was to distract public attention from the Democrats’ massive spending proposals by depicting Rush Limbaugh as the new face of the Republican Party.

...President Obama owes the American people an explanation.

His staff should apologize to the American people for supporting these tactics and diverting attention to the hard work that needs to be done to get America’s economy back on track.

Please join me in signing this petition and calling on the Obama White House to come clean on this matter. Join me in asking them to work with Republicans on the critical issues facing our country today. The American people deserve better than diversions and manipulations.
Seriously? What's more of a diversion from "the hard work" than a petition to stop the White House from connecting Limbaugh and the GOP? Instead of Cornyn, or any Republican for that matter, proving the theory wrong and blatantly stating that Rush Limbaugh does not speak for any elected official in the Republican party, he decides to indirectly defend Limbaugh and try to turn the attack on the White House with a ridiculous petition, in essense inferring that the accusations have some merit!

But this is my favorite line of his "Stop, or I'll take my ball and go home" petition:

...It appears the Obama Administration has forgotten that the salaries of White House staff are paid for by you the taxpayer.
And who the fuck is paying Cornyn's salary while writing Save Rush Limbaugh petitions? Limbaugh? Cornyn is under the assumption that all other work stops when exposing the Republican party's Limbaugh ass kissing, puncuated by his petition. He forgets that the Democratic party, unlike his party, has the ability to multitask because they don't march in lockstop with one specific idea.

Until the Republicans can divorce themselves from the negative Limbaugh rhetoric without pissing in their pants for fear of a Rush retribution the following day on his radio show, then Big John Cornyn should shut the fuck up and prove that the "Limbaugh is leader" meme is wrong.

(H/T Bob Cesca)

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Annette said...

Does Cornyn also forget that Limbaugh helped set the agenda for the Repuke party for the last 15 years or so he and Newt says. Thats what an article in the NY Times that I was reading this morning said anyway. That's why they all love him so much. He is such an idea guy. It even laid out his platform if he decided to run for President.