Monday, March 2, 2009

The Republican Party Leader

The more things "Change" the more they remain the same.

This past weekend saw the return of the Conservative Political Action Conference convention (2009 Crazy Edition), and what a show it was! Between Cliff Kincaid, a right wing activist who is an editor at the ironically named "Accuracy In Media" inferring that President Obama is a communist and doubting his citizenship, and Ann Coulter suggesting that some U.S. cities aren't worth saving in a nuclear attack, everything was overshadowed by the leader of the Republican Party Rush Limbaugh apparently making the crazies cream in their pants with a 90 minute speech for the ages, and receiving CPAC's Defender of the Constitution Award. No, really.

It's impossible to hear House Minority Whip Eric Cantor's claim that the GOP rejects Limbaugh's hope that President Obama fails over the din of his frenzied base at their yearly circle jerk.


Fraulein said...

Has Rush lost weight? He looks better than usual in that picture.

veralynn said...

you know jabba should be offended

Broadway Carl said...

I know. I think he'll understand even though I hear he's quite the liberal.

Anonymous said...

funny how Eric Cantor is the house whip.Whipped is how he will feel after not following in jaba's footsteps.Soon he will be calling the fat bastard and kaotao to him for falling off the reservation.By the way,I was surprised none of these nuts were claiming that terry shiavo was buried alive!