Sunday, March 8, 2009

Can We Just Give Texas Back To Mexico?

Don McLeroy, chairman of the State Board of Education and point man in the fight over Texas' science curriculum... is convinced that evolution taught uncritically undermines faith, [and] knows that it will take a different kind of argument to win the debate about what should be taught in science classes in Texas public schools.

...[The avowed creationist] is among board members who want the standards to require a more critical approach to the teaching of evolution. It's a theory that McLeroy, 62, believes lacks the empirical data required to be taught without discussion of its particular insufficiencies.

I suggest to Mr. McLeroy that as soon as he collects an equal amount of "empirical data" for creationism or intelligent design (or whatever you're calling it this week) as has been collected for evolution, then he can make his case.



veralynn said...

I really would like to know how these people did in science class.

Matt Osborne said...

vera, most science teachers avoid the whole subject of evolution. It's gotten so bad that most textbooks barely mention it.