Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jon Stewart Bitchslaps Jim Cramer - UPDATED

Stewart continued his rampage against CNBC, specifically Jim Cramer, who decided to write an article on how his advice was mischaracterized by The Daily Show. ...Bad move, Jim.

UPDATE (2:18pm): Cramer fights back with an appearance on The Today Show, claiming he stuck his neck out when he told everyone to sell by October 2008. Well fuck, Jim, by October '08 even I knew that! I didn't need a talking head financial guru slapping red buttons like a maniac to tell me the market was tanking when it had been happening for a year. He also refers to himself as "the little guy." Poor multi-millionaire Jim Cramer.

Maybe you should just go on The Daily Show and hash it out. I'd like to see that.

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Chris Anderson said...

According to the Daily Show's Website, Cramer is listed as the gues this Thursday.