Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Emotional Emergency Hotline

I had the pleasure of going to Marc Maron's show, Scorching The Earth, at the Green Room in Greenwich Village on Sunday night. It's a work in progress or a workshop of his dealing with his divorce, always with the Maron dark humor twist. Very interesting for a Maron fan like myself who listened to him daily on the Air America's Morning Sedition during the station's inception. If you're in town, you should definitely catch this show.

Maron, along with Sam Seder, are now doing a live Internet show from 3pm-4pm daily called Break Room Live, actually taking place in the break room of the Air America studios. How do I know it's actually the studio? You can see Ron Kuby entering multiple times for coffee while his show is in commercial.

Anyway, here's a clip of the show and an idea from Maron for job creation that he thinks should be added to the stimulus package.

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