Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jim Cramer Picked the Wrong Guy to Fuck With

The Jim Cramer evisceration continues. And Joe Scarborough gets into the act. Joe Scarborough!

I believe Thrusday night at 11pm on Comedy Central is going to be a Must-See-TV night, as Stewart's guest is going to be... Jim Cramer! I would also suggest to The Scar that should he happen to criticize a show, perhaps he should watch it first.

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Annette said...

Well we knew Joke was an idiot.. and he admitted it this morning when he said he didn't watch the show.. again.. just making observations about something he knows nothing about..which he does all the time.

Of course he got slapped back two times this morning.. once by Tom Ricks, who I don't like, but that was about the Torture commission and Bush and then by my Sen. McCaskill.. it was good...

Can't wait till Thursday..that should be classic.