Friday, March 13, 2009

The Obama Economic Surge?

The Dow Jones has rebounded 623 points in the last three days, a 9.5% gain. I'm waiting with bated breath for all the "Obama Recession" bastards to give him credit for having the foresight to throw money at the problem and stem the tide.

The Obama economic "surge" worked! Why can't they admit that? Say it. SAY IT!

ADDING... Of course, I'm kidding. My point is that one has nothing to do with the other. It's all speculation based on insider news and confidence.

It's just very interesting and obvious that while the markets are doing poorly, President Obama's face is plastered all over the DJIA ticker, but when the markets are rallying, rags like Andrea Mitchell are trying to say the White House is taking credit for it while the MSM remains mum. Oh, they'll tell you the Dow is up, but the very next line isn't, "Is President Obama doing too much?" That's only reserved when the numbers are in the red. And please show me a quote where the White House taking credit that isn't intended as a joke, Andrea. And while you're at it kick your husband, Alan Greenspan in the scrotum. That scumbag was part of the problem.


Fraulein said...

The market could go right back to where it was at the height of the Internet boom and these fucksticks wouldn't give Obama credit.

Annette said...

On 1600 Penn last night, the Asst. Sec of Tres. under Clinton I think it was.. can't remember.. was very harsh about the talking heads saying that it is Geithner's fault, it is Pres. Obama's fault, all of it.. it was a very good piece.. He was very good. I was impressed with his points and how he presented them.

Anonymous said...

Greenspan has already been cursed for his sins.....he's sleeping with Andrea Mitchell...woof!woof!