Friday, March 13, 2009

Stewart vs. Cramer: Brawl Street

I watched the edited version on Comedy Central last night and thought Stewart said his piece and Cramer took it like a man. Watching the unedited (and in my opinion, much better) version, there was more of a dialogue that I wish they had time to air on the show. That being said, maybe it'll make Cramer rethink the hype, give a fairer assessment on his program and get rid of the "Booyah!" plastic sledgehammer.

I used to watch these CNBC shows and initially thought that they were working for the interest of the viewer. But the events of the past year, especially the last two months, the tone seemingly changed to a "Blame Obama" mentality (maybe I'm biased) when this crisis was years in the making and Obama had been in office for two months, culminating with the Santelli rant that has the appearance of having been planned far in advance, I have to wonder what dubious or perhaps nefarious factors are at work here.

Jon Stewart may work at Comedy Central, but his style and crackerajck team has been at the forefront of exposing hypocrisy without the need to pull punches like so many "journalists" who fear losing access.

My prediction is that CNBC will suffer reduced viewership, will need an intense overhaul and if not, possibly cease to exist - and as far as the Cramer show, if he doesn't get rid of his big, red buttons and plastic cows and shed his sound effects for some more nuanced, serious financial discussion, he'll be gone by the end of the season. But what do I know?

This is an excellent interview, but my favorite part (with a guilty smile on my face) is when Stewart refers to Joe Scarborough as "Doucheborough."

We are capitalizing your adventure

It's not a fucking game


Fraulein said...

Oh my God, I haven't had a chance to see any of this yet. I can't wait to watch it!! I hope Stewart wiped the floor with that idiot!

Broadway Carl said...

He pretty much did.

Anonymous said...

AS I predicted,no msnbc show carried or mentioned the interview.It's so sad that it takes a comedian to do the press'job.Of course,the reason they dont is because they are all in bed with each other.When the light of truth shines on them they all go hiding like all rats do.The msm has been bought and sold.Now the newspaper industry is dieyng as I type away at its replacement.